Miami Dating Coach trains future PUA’s for Miami lair

I’ve spent a lot of time as a dating coach in Miami, training future Miami PUAs for the Miami Lair, and students who find me through my website. From this I’ve gotten to know the hot-spots. Every night of the week you can find incredibly attractive people everywhere on Espanola Way. The endless turnover of potential hot dates in the Miami area is endless. This truly a Miami PUA hot-spot This is why I have chosen Espanola Way as my coaching grounds. Affordable Hotel around $75/$100 on the high end and as low as $25 on the low end. Since I have been going to Miami for years I get a special discount on rooms and free upgrades. Before you reserve your room notify me so that I can get the best deal available for you. The perfect environment for night and day game 24 hours a day is available on Espanola Way.

The Clay Hotel on Espanola Way is a quaint Hotel set up for any budget. The Clay Hotel is a Hostel for travelers and a budget hotel all in one. The Hotel has VIP rooms that are comfortable with balconies overlooking the hustle and bustle of Espanola Way in South Beach Miami. Here you can enjoy the palm trees, ring neck parakeets that come out in the morning and in the summer a large population of humming birds find refuge that are beautiful to watch. In your balcony you can overlook the cobble stone road and patrons eating at local restaurants. Visitors taken pictures and exploring the Spanish culture are on every corner. The art deco, lights, sounds, and ambiance are priceless, a true secret spot among South Beach that has not been fully taken advantage of yet. It is walking distance to the beaches, Lincoln Rd., night clubs and all the tourist attractions in the South Beach area. With a constant turnover of foreigners and tourist I have chosen this place as my base for all my Miami Boot Camps.

Espanola Way has everything you will ever need for a week or weekend stay. Food is plentiful with an assortment of restaurant’s, like the Seagfrado a world class restaurant, A La Folie cafe, Italian Hosteria Romana, Tapas & Tintos that stays open till 5 in the morning on weekends for true salsa dancing. Gelato and Yogurt shops are fun and a cool place to enjoy. My favorite is the Grocery store located in front of the Clay Hotel off Espanola Way and Washington, where the prices are cheaper than most chain grocery stores. For breakfast they have a small hot bar and for lunch several selections of cooked meats and side items to select from. If you are looking for inexpensive or high end food selections, Espanola Way has all your needs covered. Just park your car and forget about driving, everything you can imagine is close at hand. I have not been able to find a location anywhere in South Beach Miami with the constant fluctuation of people, food, attractions and charm that Espanola Way provides. You will fall in love as well with the area and be able to return and continue to grow your skills long afterward.

When you book a Boot Camp with me for Miami and the surrounding areas this is the location I will center my coaching in. I highly recommend staying in the Clay Hotel because it will be close to me and you will be able to spend more quality time privately with me. Staying in a room close to me will allow us opportunity to cater the time specifically to your needs and desires. From the moment I come into town the weekend is all yours, my time is yours and my weekend is focused on your needs and desires. Come and enjoy the charm of Espanola Way and learn how to become more attractive and improve your self-worth!

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"Best money I ever spent on self improvement. Pierce was able to quickly find weak points I didn't know I had, and then pushed me all weekend to overcome them. "

- Francisco

"A good investment, Pierce knows his stuff. He went above and beyond what I expected"

- Michael

"Pierce is great! Although I must say the biggest benefit I got out of the weekend bootcamp was the in set coaching from the smoking hot female instructor. It was great to have a HB10 open sets with me, and then tell me from HER perspective what was and what wasn't attractive about my game."

- Blake

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