Sticking Points Boot Camp

Release the inner Alpha within you, sign up for a fast-track Sticking Points Boot Camp experience that will build your confidence, build motivation and deluge you with more experience, in-field coaching and experience you can absorb in a weekend.

Course goals are to:
1. Give direct instruction without sugar coating
2. Build confidence within yourself
3. Open mass amounts of sets without hesitation
4. Acquire contact information
5. Identify and develop your own personal style on what works for you.
6. Gain insane amounts of inset experience
7. Sharpen your own game

This four hour coaching session broke down into two, two hour nights is designed for those guys who are looking to push their limits of opening multiple sets, in multiple venues, achieve an incredible amount of experience, sharpen and hoan your skills, and build confidence. The focus individual is one who is self-motivated, needs direct guidance and has no issues with approach anxiety. Student should not need a wing or in-set guidance.

Your coach will be around to watch and observe your game, give you positive and negative real advice, and throw you back in field immediately with very little wasted time. Your coach will give you no nonsense real evaluations of your positive and negative qualities and get you back into the social environment. Your coach will help you identify your nitch and give guidance on what is working for you and develop your own personal style. Your coach will give you negative feedback on what you need to work on, how to fix it and where you are going wrong. This direct, fast paced, no nonsense, high energy Sticking Points Boot Camp is not for the timid at heart. The advice given is stern and with no apologies.

Students should have prior knowledge and experience in these areas:
1. Basic reading or DVD materials regarding relationships.
2. Have already abolished most Approach Anxiety
3. Be self-motivated and not need a wing or pivot
4. Student should be willing and expected to laugh, fail and have the ability to quickly overcome personal rejection or issues.

The time allowed will not allow us time to muddle the water and give you tons of theory on dating and cheeky technics on routines. You should have a basic understanding of the types of opening and be able to open various types of groups without hesitation. This a infield Sticking Points Boot Camp! We will keep a close eye on you and periodically give you ways to overcome your sticking points and place you right back into the mix. Come ready to talk, dance, chat, kiss, get numbers and get full closes.

"A good investment, Pierce knows his stuff. He went above and beyond what I expected"

- Michael

"Pierce noticed my sticking points immediately and offered practical solutions to fix them. He possesses a unique blend of patience, honesty, and positive encouragement that got me out of my comfort zone and achieving results. What separates Pierce from the rest of the coaches is that he takes a personal pride in my success and doesn't view me as a dollar sign. This is evident in the extra time he has spent with me in person as well as through e-mail and texts when the sessions are over."

- Luke

"This is the only bootcamp I've taken where I had two instructors focused on JUST ME."

- Adam Q.

"Pierce is great! Although I must say the biggest benefit I got out of the weekend bootcamp was the in set coaching from the smoking hot female instructor. It was great to have a HB10 open sets with me, and then tell me from HER perspective what was and what wasn't attractive about my game."

- Blake

"Best money I ever spent on self improvement. Pierce was able to quickly find weak points I didn't know I had, and then pushed me all weekend to overcome them. "

- Francisco

"This one is at a really high level"

- Adam Lyons - Rated Worlds Best PUA

"Becoming a PUA is not just about picking up women. It is about striving to become the best person that
you can become and applying those techniques to your everyday life. Through Pierce's techniques, my
confidence is at an all time high, my work ethic has improved, and I have the girlfriend that I have always
wanted. By taking this course, not only will you be able to pick up more women, but I truly think it will
enhance all areas of your life."

- Vegas

"By the end of the night I felt comfortable enough to do anything. I would have swim naked in the ocean or whatever else he wanted to do"

- L. Jones

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