Entourage Game – The Entourage Report

Experience is the best! Here are the steps and actions I took creating an entourage in a small town.

Entourage Game started taking a lead role in my local lair and hosting Lair Meetups. On one night I created with the help of a couple other guys in the area a game to help overcome approach anxiety. Here is the premis of this game: Write each item below as a separate mission. Use your hat and place the missions in the hat and have the group pick one from the hat. Each person goes with another person and succeeds the mission, returns back and briefly state the responses on video.

Get a breath mint or gum from a girlUse a belt to start a limbo competitionInfluence a boy and a girl to make outOpen a set pretending to do sign language no talkingFive minutes to get a phone number timedGet a girl to kiss you on the cheekKiss a girl on the cheekOpen a set with my grandmother loves this song!Open set with “hello poppy”Use a camera to get three girls to take a picture with youGet a the bartender to give a girl at the bar a waterUse a dollar bill to get a kissGet into a sandwich dancePut ice down a girls shirtToast seven girlsOpen a set with “your shoes suck”! Get a girl to tell you a jokeGet a girl to smack your assOpen a set with you need a breath mintGet a girl to hold your drink while you go to the bathroomMimic a girl on the dance floorUse all PUA’s to chant make out to a couple (your choice)Challenge a bartender to an arm wrestling contestPass a girl your penis dimensions on a piece of paperPretend to be gay and compliment a girls clothingHold a set or girl for five minutesPhysically pick a girl upPull a girls hairGet a hugTouch a boobFlash a girl your stomach and run offTell a girl you love them and run awayIntroduce your self as a porn star try to get a numberPlace thumbs in ears, wiggle fingers and stick tongue out at a girlTell a girl of an opposite race you have never slept with your raceOpen a set blowing your nose or sneezingGive a guy the alpha male handshake Kiss a girl handGet a girl to show you her pantiesFind a girl to introduce you to another girl in a separate setMassage girls backPick a wing to sandwich dance a girlGet a set to meet your group of PUA friendsFind a set to merge the PUA set withGet an autograph on your skin from a girlOpen set with “do you like me yes or no”?Hold a girls handTwirl a girlSuck a girl’s fingerOpen girl with who says this “no one puts baby in a corner”Nose rapeAmog, ask a guy in a set with a girl “if he has slept with many cute girls”?Get three girls to say panties!Get a girl to accomplish one of these missions

Get a breath mint or gum from a girlUse a belt to start a limbo competionInfluence a boy and a girl to makeoutOpen a set pretending to do sign language no talkingFive minutes to get a phone number timedGet a girl to kiss you on the cheekKiss a girl on the cheekOpen a set with my grandmother loves this song!Open set with “hello poppy”Use a camera to get three girls to take a picture with youGet a the bartender to give a girl at the bar a waterUse a dollar bill to get a kissGet into a sandwitch dancePut ice down a girls shirtToast seven girlsOpen a set with “your shoes suck”! Get a girl to tell you a jokeGet a girl to smack your assOpen a set with you need a breathmintGet a girl to hold your drink while you goto the bathroomMimic a girl on the dance floorUse all pua’s to chant makeout to a couple (your choice)Chalenge a bartender to a arm wrestling contestPass a girl your penius dimensions on a piece of paperPretend to be gay and compliment a girl clothingHold a set or girl for five minutespick a girl uppull a girls hairget a hugtouch a boobflash a girl your stomach and run offtell a girl you love them and run awayintroduce your self as a porn star try to get a numberplace thumbs in ears, wiggle fingers and stick tounge out at a girltell a girl of an opposite race you have never slept with your raceopen a set blowing your nose or sneezinggive a guy the alpha male handshake kiss a girl handget a girl to show you her pantysfind a girl to get introduced to another girl in a separate setmassage a girls back

Entourage To JaxlairInstead of heading out by your self why not join up with friends! Groups are so much more fun than one or two of your friends. Social Entourage gets free admissions often and gives safety in numbers! Join the social elite and have some fun meeting new people.Project Entourage Jax

We will meet up and introduce your self and go party like a ROCKSTAR! All Rockstars are expected to protect everyone in their entourage at all times!

Welcome to Project Entourage Jax! You have now become a ROCKSTAR! Protect your entourage at all cost! Protect the girls and praise the guys in your group!  Be positive and keep the groups best interest at heart. Lets Party!

Rules: We protect our girls, all our girls will be safe and the guys will look after them at all cost.Protect the Entourage at all cost, if a member needs your help or being harassed we take care of things as a group. We travel as a group, when bouncing we take all members to new locations.Our girls are the first to stand on tables, chairs or bars to get the party started!Our guys will bring the fun and make sure all girls get free access to the venues!Your entourage is your friends, not your date!You must have more fun than any other entourage there.When we walk into a venue the club knows we are the party!

Hey guys, I set up a group called Project Entourage for Jaxlair. It can be found on http://www.meetup.com/ search for “Project Entourage Jax” in Jacksonville.

What I need from you guys who are interested:Become a member of “Project Entourage Jax” http://meetup.comJaxlair members will be officers or guides. As soon as you join up I can set you as a leader in the group. From there you can announce meet ups and get others in Jacksonville to come party with us.

If you are looking to learn social proof and the power it has then we can all experiment and try this entourage game out.
I need members to announce when they are going out and as the new site is promoted in the meet up community to meet outside clubs and get girls inside.

Here are the rules I set up for “Project Entourage Jax”

Founded by Pierce Rainey in Spring of 2009, Project Entourage Jax is an exclusive social group of singles in Jacksonville Florida that meets at lounges & night clubs for social networking.  The group aims to provide a safe and fun environment for its members.  The women in the group are especially privileged since they will enjoy free access and drinks in these VIP areas, all paid for by the men in the group.  Membership is not open to the public but can be requested through www.meetup.com/rockstars. Tim “Bick Lighter”
Golden RulesGolden Rules Of  “Project Entourage Jax”

Organizers I am setting up a list of expectations for the guys and organizers of these groups. As our numbers grow, I will not be able to spread myself to cover the needs of all the members. I will need you to be my eyes and ears of everything that is going on.

1. Briefly let me know of all issues the members make to you. I may or may not do anything but I do need a quick remark that something may be going on or a potential problem that may arise.

2. All Organizers need to introduce themselves to every member in the group as an Organizer. Every member needs to know who you are and that you are safe and comfortable.

3. Organizers must abide by the rules set up within the group. Read over the etiquette and be able to articulate these rules to members at any given moment.

4. Organizers must spend equal time with every member of the group. Isolating specific members is not your job as an organizer. As Organizer we are providing a safe fun and positive environment. Give all members equal time.

5. Our Organizers are set all over the area, from Saint Augustine to Georgia. Make sure those in your areas have rides and make sure those people have rides home safely in your area.

6. Organizers are not expected to get drunk or be so impaired that they are not able to take care of themselves. Enjoy your drinking, have fun, be positive and stay in control.

These are some guidelines I have set up for all Organizers in the group. Please review and re-review these rules before coming to a sponsored event!

Ps: The focus of our group will be specifically geared to “VIP SPECIALIST” All events and meetups in Project Entourage Jax needs to be quickly ran by me before posting an event on the website. We have had two events outside of VIP and they were not the desire or focus of where we want to take the group. This meetup will specialize in VIP ONLY. Each event takes more than one organizer to plan successfully.

<h1>Field Reports</h1>
Terra Nova VIPI have been working on Entourage Game. Focusing on ways to get more girls than guys coming out with me. What I learned on my first sponsored event by myself is that the level of attraction that comes with this is far more powerful than I had ever imagined. I modeled this event from watching England’s top players and closely pulling information from them and watching every move they make to incorporate how they create popularity and learning Adam’s promiscuous game to develop friends and a social group. On my first boot camp with Adam he mentioned that there is no magic pill to this pickup thing. “The next best thing is social proof”

It works with a local group of players that are in Jacksonville called Jaxlair. I give advice such as phone advice, text advice, giving techniques in field and meeting up with them on regular bases to help whoever is hungry for the next level. One guy who has become a close friend of mine was pretty terrible at first then followed me around for a while and slowly started figuring it out. He focused on networking and getting to know club promoters. For some reason the high end promoters around here are Asian or individuals they have known for years. I call him Mexican; he has started to see the big picture of true game and understanding the importance of social game. He is certainly one that I want on my team.

We start the night out at a Mexican restaurant for appetizers to get to know new people and girlfriends that comes with there friends. The chemistry was really great and lots of laughs and high fives. I spend equal amount of time with every one and listen to there stories and carrying on conversation. Time gets away from us so we bounce over to Terra Nova. I ask the girls to go pamper themselves and leave the bill to the guys. We split the check and meet up over at Terra Nova.

Mexican notifies me that a guy named Kwan can get us into VIP for a cheaper price than I was able to get. We pull the VIP manager aside and let him know and he ushers us into our table. He comps us a free table because of our numbers and gave us a much better price for extra bottles. Moral of this one is because I have built a friendship with Mexican it really paid off. Being a part of Jaxlair is crucial if you’re in the Jacksonville area. Never underestimate what a friend can do for you. I wasn’t expecting the huge discount and cheap bottles or the extra comp table.

We get escorted into VIP and get a bottle, I start dancing with the girls giving them each equal time and talking. We bring everyone to the dance floor where there is better lighting and get pictures. An idea I made up to get the crew to the dance floor. I take crazy pictures and dance a bit. People started to join the dancing on the floor. This was good “pr” to the club that we were the party. After heading back to the VIP lounge, the drinks start soaking in and we dance on the balcony rail for everyone to watch us.
Pictures all night! I take the bottle and walk around given shots to everyone. This is a great way to get girls to come to you and imagine making a girl open her mouth….. Tilt her head back…. Stick something in her mouth….. And make her swallow it……   great stuff, gives nice social proof. NLP

At some point in the night, my attraction level was so high, that one girl told me she likes it in all three holes! Another asked me if I wanted to have an instant relation starting right there at the club. One girl grabbed my ass, and another even grabbed my cock. Countless sandwich dances and dry humping while we are dancing, kisses, hugs, feel ups. Another told me she isn’t wearing under wear, and then another grabbed my hand and took me off the dance floor and to the dj booth behind a speaker and super kissed me. She later pulled me aside and placed her hand on the side of her face, the other on the other side to not show anyone else and stuck out her tongue to me! The amazing thing is that this girl had the longest tongue IV ever seen! It was truly a freak of nature. It dropped two inches below her chin! Gene Simmons doesn’t have anything on this girl! I can’t seem to get the idea of her tongue wrapping completely around the shaft of my penis. Countless advances and suggestions were given to me that night.

I am not going to go into step by step how I was able to get these girls to this level of comfort with me. I will say that attraction was so high this night that I felt incredibly powerful. I finally got to a level where the top guru’s mention that “with great power comes great responsibility”. I assumed I understood this but after seeing this level I quickly realized what I thought was game was just a marketing advertisement, a marketing ploy that results in diverting focus on specific areas to maximize the financial possibilities keeping students focused on areas that purposely weed out some and keeps the “rich getting richer and the poor get poorer”. Purposely done, I don’t know. I have always dissected things to find the shortest route from A to B. I found that some teachers in this subject teach you items that encourage you to flounder and fail, while making money off you. Some give you a nibble then watch to see if you take the bait before another bite. While keeping the big picture in mind, feeding you small increments of needed fuel. It is a honor and a privileged to find someone who can spend some time and guide you throw the process, respect those and find ways of giving value. The road is hard, the road is crooked and one day you stumble across it. I have purposely placed this section in the center of this paragraph because it could be incredibly destructive to some companies and teachers. Now what happens in this case of such high attraction is a bit strange and hard to explain. What to do and what not to do completely changes, what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do is different also. Because I have to make a living and the countless hours I have studied to apply myself I found the secret, I found the “holy grail” The right combination of switches, nlp and social proof can take you into another world that can not be seen by attending the local pub. Yes I will enter the pub again, I will teach guys the stepping stones, but I will understand much more the process and I will become a better teacher in this game.

Entourage Nick NamesOfficial Girls VIP List – First Nine To RSVP Yes

***** ****** – Curlies

***** – Bubbles

******* – Cutie

**** – Ivory

****** – Girly

***** – Lassie

**** – Delight

***** – Jag Gir

l****** ***** – New New

These are examples of the Nicknames I gave each girl the the group before it got out of control where their were to many to name or memorize. I used first impression

Structured EpiphanyI seemed to have found a nitch in the matrix when it comes to Entourage Game. I think I have found the right balance of structure and events to grow my Entourage. This is stuff that the guru’s hold close and not many will comment on much. Simply because not many are at this level, they want to keep this area secret because of it’s power, they can’t articulate it or they prefer to keep students running in circle working on inner game or specific areas in there progress. Here is my setup of how to incorporate a group of individuals without making it incredibly difficult and with minimal stress in working with groups. Get In, Get Out! The first thing I do is get my group to meet at a local eatery. What this does is give the girls and guys a time frame to meet up before bouncing to another place. I usually figure out exactly when I want them to enter the club. Say 11pm, I will tell everyone that we need to meet up at 9:30 to have some appetizers and get something to drink before we go to the club. This will give everyone about an hour timeframe to get there. Everyone knows girls will be late. I tell them we will leave the eatery at 10:30 to head over to the club. The club has to be within walking distance to the eatery or Short drive across the street for girls with heels on. I never tell the girls I want them in the club by 11pm, I tell them 10:30. This will give me time to organize, pay and get everyone to the front door of the club to enter as a group. I only go VIP so it is nice to get the escort through the club with a large group. Nice social proof. How I have set up my group is that all girls come for free, they need to be recommended by another girl. The guys have to be recommended by the guys or hang out to get to know us. Sometime around 10:15 I will address the group with some basic guidelines, (gives me social proof of leader of men) I request that at this moment the girls of the group are excused to refresh themselves and meet us outside or in the parking lot of the club. This moment I request all the guys to stay back and we all split the bill and make sure we tip 20% in every establishment we go to. I also direct the guys that the girls in our entourage are not or dates, they are all friends. We get social proof, from the group and use the entire group to meet and expand our social circle. Then I lead into paying up front the club VIP bill with tip included. I tell the guys of the group to pony up and place what you can or a certain amount according to the bill and number of guys. Just last night I got five bottles of vodka for five hundred and because I was bringing a large group I was comp 3 more free bottles of Champaign. The number of guys to take care of a six hundred dollar bill basically equaled out to about 35.00 a person. This is peanuts for the social proof of 30+ girls in VIP. Ounce there we were comp bottles of beer for those who didn’t drink vodka for free. Get the best price, show up, and get comp.  I always am direct with club owners and as I work down the employee ladder I get less direct. Meaning I will ask for specific things from a club owner and specific prices. The manager I ask for small comps, door guys, valet, and waitresses, such I usually end up dropping them a couple of bucks. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor theory. You will find once you get in the club you will be handled differently than how it seems on the phone. This happens because the club wants you to have a better than expected time. They will once you are in try to find ways to make your stay great. So when setting up an event, expect more than what’s being stated. Once in, you have much more influence to get what you want. IV gotten under age members in, free entry, IV never had a number cap placed on me at the door. I have been told many times they can only accommodate a certain amount, then I show up with more and they graciously escort us in. I have also noticed in this area that clubs don’t believe the numbers you can bring in until they actually get there. On the phone if I say I have fifty people coming, they instantly don’t believe me for whatever reason. When I show up it is a much different case. Just as girls like to see you in groups and see you as high character in one. So does the club. It is unexpected and spikes the complimentary service to a higher degree. Due to the area I have several VIP members that come to party with me. I have a woman business owner who owns a sex toy biz that is bringing her tons of money. She rolls in with a hummer to valet; I have a Playboy model that has a nice town car and another who has a bright yellow Z car. I encourage those who have nice cars to use the service and I have even paid for them to use it because I like to meet them outside the club as they come in, and escort them on the arm into the club myself and to VIP. The girls like it, the club likes it and it’s just a nice thing to do.

I do something little that seems to really pay off and even helps the club out. I have a Dollar tree store here in town where I can buy glowing wrist bans (6 for a dollar) I buy according to what I need and tell the girls and guys to meet me in front of the club entrance to place our bands on. This keeps the group together and forces them not to run off or stop and chat with others. I get them wrangled in and we put the bracelets on. It gives the group distinguishing items of value and it helps the club know who our members are and everyone knows who we are in the club. Once banded I go to the door and take care of entrance. We usher everyone in, make sure there is no door issues. If there is I ask for a manager or owner instantly without discussion and simply state that if there is a problem with one or two of my guests then I will remove the entire Entourage. Never have I had to say much more than that to an owner or club manager. We get into the club and party.

To drunk to drive! Here is how I protect my group from DUI’s and potential accidents from arising. I take the group to a Denny’s or local place that caters to the club scene after hours. We go as a group to feed the guys and girls food and water. Ounce again I ask the guys to pitch in to take care of all the girls. We hang out for an hour or so and release everyone.

I’m tired of typing so I am going to stop now, but hopefully you guys get an idea of how I run my entourage and maybe get some ideas or techniques to help you in your game. I do lots of other things to make the group more fun but I think this is a good outline of how I handle things and set things up. Basically I meet up before to get food, bounce to a club, then go get food again and leave the scene.
Koja PartyEntourage game, second promo night. I use a social network that seems to be exploding with popularity in Jacksonville and they take care of notifying and doing follow-ups on meet up nights. I took a fresh group of people and created the social group from thin air. Due to me living in Saint Augustine which is thirty minutes away from Jacksonville I use the area code of Jacksonville. One of my students from jaxlair a Jacksonville (lair that I work closely with) I allowed to setup and organize the next event. Me being the founder I was going to get social proof either way, so I allowed one of my students to get the feel of full on social proof. At least until I walked in. We set up the meeting to start at a restaurant in the Landing area. This is a bay front/mall area with lots of shops and several night clubs set in the heart of downtown Jax. I allow ****** (my student) to handle the first part of the meet up at the

American Café. After the meet up they bounced over to Koja’s sushi bar where they were having a birthday party for the owner. He turned the sushi bar into a night club for the night. We brought 22 people with us, and became the life of the party. I waited a little while before I walked in because I wanted to watch and make sure ****** was able to handle himself and allow him time to set the tone of the night and get everyone drinks. Shortly after I head in and start pumping everyone up and dancing with the girls and meeting new people who joined our meet up.

We danced and partied all night, it started getting crazy when I ended up giving a girl a lap dance (a specialty of mine) she returns the favor and we end up standing in the booth and nearly stripping down. They started unbuttoning my shirt and clawing at my belly fat. I didn’t care; I was dancing in the booth and setting the fun tone of the night. I started working some caveman stuff by picking girls up and twirling them until dizzy. By the end of the night we had grown a very close bound to everyone. I have learned that if a girl feels comfortable with you she will do anything around you. Your focus and goal should be to not fall into her shit tests and bullshit. Here is where I need some advice…. I know once I start fucking them all big drama is going to happen. Me being new in the entourage game I don’t really know when or how to f-close these girls without the drama. Or loosing the chemistry within the group. I already f-closed one, mainly because she would say no and I was to tired one night to drive home. Lol, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you also! Anyway, sleeping with her was nice but I ran some relationship game on her and she wanted to date me. It was really weird I never ran into a girl that said to me once I got in her house. “Take your fucking clothes off so we can get down to business” She caught me so off guard that I actually tried to slow things down because I didn’t want to just fuck without any emotional connection. I know it sounds bitchy but for some reason that’s just what I felt. So I worked on emotional spikes and she started to turn into putty in my hands and then I fucked her. We have now kind of cut the steady fucking down to every now and then because I live 45 minutes away. Good excuse not being in a committed relationship. I do think she is one that I can fuck at a moments notice if I wanted. But it took some work to get her back to f-buddy status instead of “I’m all yours” bullshit.

I guess I am wondering how and when I can cash in on fucking all of them. When do I run with the booty and what are the rules at this level of game. Very little information is out there about this kind of game, at least from what I can find. I learned a bit from Adam, I have watched and dissected Speer’s techniques and talked with some girlfriends. If you guys have some experience and can understand where I am at please give me any info or guidance what to research from this point on.

Anyway I have digressed a bit. We party out Koja’s and bounce to a local Pizza joint who we have a connection with. The guys chipped in and paid for pizza for the girls. Cool thing is that the place stayed open just for us that night.  They have also given us a standing order to come in when ever and they will open the doors for us specially. Very cool. Perfect for late night dhv and making sure no one dies driving home from over intoxication.

Funny thing happened when I walked into the pizza place, a girl was there and she looked me in the eye and said to leave. She kept saying it like three times directed to me. I looked her in the face and placed my hands together as if I was fixing to eat dinner and said “No ma’am I think we will stay and eat” Right after my 22 guest come in after me and her boyfriend drags her drunken ass out. Not sure what was up with her ass but I thought it was funny. The confidence from having an entourage behind me was huge.

Another lesson I learned is that at a certain level of social proof you don’t even need to say anything to amog guys. I noticed this solo player following us to the pizza place as we were walking. I thought we had shaken him when we went in to eat but he lingered outside. A couple girls went outside for a smoke and I went to check on them. I read the girl code from one girl who he was talking with and just walked up. He looked at me dirty and kept throwing game at them. I put my hand up and said they aren’t interested bro. Well he took offense to that, and started calling me names. I almost cracked him in the head but I noticed as soon as he said that the girls sandwiched me and told the guy to move on. I kept my mouth shut and they were both hugging on me in front of him. He said, “Who is this, you seem a bit fat, why are you guys hanging with him?” The girls so close to me I couldn’t do anything they said, “he has a big dick, and you’re a short tool, leave us alone” He moved off and made some dhv on his phone and the girls kept barraging him with insults calling him a homo for calling his bro’s at 2 in the morning! They were relentless until he litterly ran off! I was shocked at how brutal they were and how well they handled the situation. I didn’t have to say a word, the more shit he talked the more they were willing to fight for me! Non-forgettable night.

Fighting AMOGHey guys in my entourage game I have been noticing that I am being challenged allot. One time I was walking to the car with two girls as an escort and a group of guys started negging me and calling me a pussy ass and such. Being that there were at least six of them all choded up to each other and I had two girls with me. I just pulled the girls toward me and finished my escort. I walked straight toward the group and back to my car. A few little murmurs came from the group I just kept walking.

Second time, I was with a couple of girls from my entourage and we were all dancing in front of the VIP booth. It was pretty crowded, well the stream of dance floor walkers seemed to be coming straight through the area we were trying to dance in so I started blocking the guys out to stop the flow of chode walkers. This worked, until 15 minutes later another group started coming through again. I got a little aggravated and as one was coming through I said “Why are you walking this way, it’s to crowded for you here” Instantly the guy wants to fight me, my girls grab me and they tell him to leave. They walk off slowly barraging me with insults. Suddenly one of my girls runs at him, keep in mind she is an ex Iraqi soldier so she has a no shit policy. Well she runs to him bitching and he starts to challenge me on the floor. I am trying to ignore the entire situation but my girl seemed to open the can. He flung a middle finger in the air and a few seconds later my girl returns and says that they pushed her.

I can amog guys all night long and get away with it. I can open sets and blow guys out easy. I can protect my set from another amog just fine. But what do I do when a guy seems like he needs to fight? Walk away? Fight? Make fun of him until he hits me first? Any comments on how to silence a certain fight situation would be helpful. Seems like the guys don’t like the fact that I have an entourage and they don’t. Pierce

Florida Theatre Toga PartySo I organized an event, this event was to head to a block party in Jacksonville. I get about 20+ say they are going, reality is that about 16 attended. We started out at a five star Hotel where we got dressed. Head to the block party. It sucked ass, we were the only ones who showed up, and the entire block was dead except for us. We made the best of it, watched Animal House and later returned to the hotel. We left there and went to go eat pizza, then to a night club. Here are some shots from that night.

I am having a big sticking point at crossing boundaries, for some reason I am an asshole who gets put in situations that I think are funny and end up pissing girls off. They leave and spread a bunch of shit and cause more problems as if they are on a witch hunt to destroy my group and myself. One time we were on the dance floor and I tugged at a girls top and she flipped out because it came a bit lower than both of us thought it would. She would not hang out with the group any more that night and ended telling my friends she isn’t coming out if I come out. To me this is stupid your in a night club and it’s dark, we are grinding on each other, feeling each other up and suddenly she snaps about a almost nipple show.

Second issue was with my hair dresser who keeps her computer open at work I drop in and know the owner and her and I seen her face book open so I posted a comment that “her name here” likes to fart! As her update. She flip’s out on me in the shop and I just walk out. She was on her period.

I am not one to back down to girls bullshit talk and I don’t take their shit games. I throw it back at them. It seems like at the right times they choose to escalate it to anger because I just laugh and jab back at them each time they throw an insult. This usually happens to girls I am friends with and a bit closer to then most.

Third time I had a girl helping me organizes a group and I posted some pictures and she didn’t like one of them and later deleted the entire photo album from the group. I told her not to do that again and she told me she would if I placed any picture with her in it without written consent. I told her she has an unrealistic view of herself and removed her from the group and she sent me messages that she was going to come to my work with a lawyer and that he was going to sue me. I dropped her instantly from any communication with her. She was a friend for 2 years and she flip’s out like this.

It seems as if they try to create a situation for me to submit to them and I refuse and they do something to end up making me not even want to look at them again. I will not beta male them and will not surrender who I am to there temporary feelings or moods. I will drop them from my very existence if I have to.

Problem is this happens to mostly girls who open up to me and share intimate moments with.

Should I be a candy ass and beta male and say I am sorry for whatever happens and allows them to run my ass over or is there nothing wrong with what I am doing?

It sucks loosing good girlfriends, but I am an asshole, can they not get over this and see my value as something worth having in their lives?
Pissed, frustrated and angered by women’s bullshit.

The Return To Terra NovaWhen I started I had a specific idea in mind when it came to going out to clubs. First thing I wanted to do is become comfortable in opening. Then I wanted to learn to stay in set longer. I then wanted to become interesting when I talked. Then I wanted to learn how to close with a number. Then I wanted a kiss consistently every night, I got so good at this that I wanted to kiss several girls, I got good at this as well. Then same night lays.

Well I ran across on cliffs list a posting from some pua that was interesting, he gave me some more ideas to try to do at the club. I don’t know about other people or players but sometimes I get bored with some clubs and try to find different things to do to entertain myself. One thing I never really did was the “fingering” in a club. Here is my challenge and I am truly excited, not nervous or uptight but truly excited to see if I could actually finger a girl in the club! Ok here goes, I am off!

The scene: Tera Nova in Jacksonville, Florida. Entourage night for me and my friends. My Bi **** **** who I’m fuckin, has invited her out to join us, she is a new employee of the ****. Ex. Stripper and a track record of some of the most insane sex stories you can imagine. She just changed her hair color back to blond, when I met her it was brown, so the change was new to me. Due to the large group I sometimes don’t focus on every individual, my buddies help me in this area and new people who join us are greeted by them hopefully. Lol, we take 25 girls at the door and 11 of my buddies into VIP for our bottles. Several girls show up a little later, this is something you just learn to deal with as a party goer. Girls will be late! Anyway I start my basic club game of individual time and getting everyone dancing.  We slip the DJ a tip and a play list of the songs our group loves and the night starts firing like a well tuned engine in a plane. It starts whining and gaining momentum and everybody is high on fun and free vodka.

“Finger girl” I didn’t even realize had shown up, until later that night when things where getting chaotic. That night I had started pushing the boundaries of how far I could push social comfort without breaking that emotion boundary of the group dynamic by working in the comfort light kiss on the lips. I did this to at least ten girls that night, with the standard cock grab from the girls, and whispers of sexiness in my ear. Dirty dancing and escalating kino with all my girl friends, high fiven and the light lip kiss. Out of the corner of my eye I see my hair dresser talking with a blond girl, I bounce in because I saw this girl earlier in the corner with one of my Asian buddies, so I didn’t push introductions. Low and behold it’s ****** my “finger” target for the night! My comfort from the ***** and cocky funny had attracted her over some time. As I have done with all the girls I dance, hold and escalate kino. I also do my light kiss and even get in a discussion about bad girls, and for some reason I reached up and grabbed her neck lightly and her eyes get big! I tell her that “You ant no bad girl” she pushes back, forehead to forehead as if she is trying to fight me with my hand around her neck still. “Yes I am” One thing a girl hates is when you find a girl to admit she is bad then flip-flop her and tease her for being a good girl. Challenging a girl when I hear this has become a permanent tactic I use. So here is my chance, I am going for it! I caress my hand down her breast, across her stomach and down the pants as fast as I could. “Bad girl huh?” we are standing on the rail of VIP and she leans in close to me to hide my hand down her pants and whispers to “oh my gawd” and moaning that people are watching. I pull out and laugh at her and tell her that “if you were a bad girl you would fuck me right here” Deflecting the fact that I had my hands down her pants and given the incident no value to myself at all. I lead her instantly with another visual and after some banter I left her to mingle with other girls (guests).

She found me again and we had a seat in VIP with my **** *****. I was thinking that this could get really bad or really good in a moments notice. I look over to my *** *** and she is smiling with glee likes she wants to join us. I grab her feet and massage them a moment and try to bring her into the conversation. She flakes off and the cupid song comes on the system and I instantly grab everyone to the dance floor and we do the cupid shuffle together. We get back to the VIP area and I am leaning against the VIP arm rest. “Finger” comes over and gets in my arms. For a moment I wonder where the hell do I escalate from here! I grab her leg and pick her up to straddle me on the arm chair. She folds her legs around me and starts kissing my neck and grinding on my cock. If we didn’t have pants on my cock would be buried so far into her pussy I could feel her lungs expand. I am actually trying to hold back because I don’t want girls around me to freak out because everyone is my friends. Then I thought, fuck it, fuck it fuck it I am only so fucking strong. While strateling me I reach up and grab her neck, and start a heavy make out session that was so intense everyone had stopped to watch.

A few days later I ran a high risk text game on her it went something to this extent:Pierce: Can I ask you a question?Finger: What’s your question?Pierce: Do Bi-girls ever get cravings to eat pussy the way guys do?Finger: What brought this on?Pierce: I and my buddy were talking about how we have to have a pizza sometimes. It’s an intense craving for pepperoni!Finger:?Pierce: My buddy said it was like craving pussy!Pierce: Was wondering if girls had this craving to eat pussy too….Finger: I understand what you are saying; my first girlfriend said she craved my pussy.

Purposely dropped conversation to show I wasn’t trying to push anything on her and allow her to think about the conversation. Later that evening I text her again.

Pierce: You partying tonight?Finger: No I am going to watch some TV and go to bed early.Pierce: What are the directions to your house?

Finger: Why do you want to know that?Pierce: I am craving pussy.Finger: Lol, I never let a good man go hungry!Pierce: Directions?

A small delay and she replies with directions. I head over and end up taken this small video of her brushing her teeth. By the way if a girl brushes her teeth while you are at her place, it is subconscious for thinking about making out with you. We fucked on the couch and she soaked the couch from squirting, then we took a shower together and I fucked her there, then her bed that we soaked also.
Day Two Entourage GirlI added this sextexting to show an actual breakdown of social proof. I met this girl at Ivy’s the same night I “fingered that girl”. We took a couple of hours the next week and rented a scooter and toured around downtown Saint Augustine. After the first date we started texting and this is the result of that. Social proof is the the reason I was able to capture this one. I know this because she told me later that the reason she liked me is because of my leadership and the group. Brutally honest she was as you can read.

Text sexHer: Have you ever tried any energy work before?

Me: What’s that?

Her: It’s a movement of energy via the hands or other methods to achieve bliss. Can begin with the breath

Me: Show me. In the cemetery we were really connected. Something was happening.

Her: U started it but maybe u didn’t realize u were doing it

Her: Yes. That was the start of it

Me: Honestly I wanted to be inside you, honestly it didn’t matter. Whatever it was I was satisfied. Strangely enough.

Her: Well u certainly have potential, energy wise. Would like 2 take u 4 a test run, no energy work required

Me: I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about but whatever.

Her: I want 2 fuck you

Me: Oh. Ok

Me: Missed that one

Me: When is the best time for you?

Her: Next Tues.

Me: let’s start planning it now.

Me: I want to spend a lot of time and not be rushed. I don’t want phones or any distractions.

Her: And no cameras please

Me: No video or camera

Her: Thanks, I appreciate it

Me: Should we leave town or get a place close to the beach?

Her: Whatever you like

Me: There is a hostel in the forest that is in Fernandina that has tree houses or we can get a simple room by the beach somewhere. What’s your fancy?

Her: Between the two I’m going to go with the beach. ;-)

Me: Any other ideas?

Her: Or your Sanford and son truck we drove by?

Me: lol, you better bring the heat if we are going to do this (her name)

Her: Now I feel pressure man – that’s no good

Me: If you show up and completely suck ass and just lay there or be a prude like eating a taco I’m going to be disappointed. You better drop it and start seducing now.

Me: Don’t waste my time with bad sex.

Her: Ok I’ll try not to suck ass! Why don’t you tell me what you like and I will know how to please you.

Her: Ditto

Me: I like to be attacked. Seduced early, talk naughty too and prefer squirting orgasms

Her: Well versed-but who’s squirting. You or me?

Me: Start researching it now, we got to get you up to speed.

Her: Female ejaculation. Yeah I got it.

Me: Ah Gawd…

Her: Wait- you were joking?

Me: Not Joking

Her: well it takes a lot for me to pull that one off. Not sure if I can deliver on that…

Me: You’re suppressed and hold back sexually, you don’t trust nor do you allow yourself to be comfortable expressing your desires. You’re going to be too much of a hassle to mess with.

Her: Ok thanks Dr. Phil

Me: Not playingHer Well whatever you think. I think you are just afraid.   (Trying to draw me into her frame but I refuse to go there)Me: You know what you need to do.Me: You can take things to another level and I expect you will do what it takes to get there.Her: A sexual challenge from you? Ha! You don’t have to insult a girl to get her to open up.Me: As soon as you’re in my arms you will trust, and when I kiss you I know you will feel comfortable and when I get you there I know you will open up and experience the pinnacle of expression with me.Me: you like candles?Her: I’m a chickMe: How’s your hickey?Her: Still there btw, what happened to the vampire party?Me: I pulled it; the guys want to go to Miami on the 16thHer: So, How long have you had multiple personalities?Her: PUA meeting?Me: Not really though I have several biz connections that will be in town that weekend I will have some meetings with.Me: Want to come with us to Miami?Her: I would love to join your pastry chef business meetingMe: Lol, you’re not coming to the meeting just staying in Miami with us.Her: How long are you – staying?Me: Till SundayHer: If one of your personalities still likes me at that time, I would love to goMe: I’m just telling you what I prefer baby you asked. You’re still amazing either way if you squirt or not baby.Me: I think some of the other PE girls are going alsoHer: It’s cool. I will work on being less repressed.Me: Good, back to Tuesday, SA or jax?Her: I suppose SA I have some business there anywayMe: You’re not going to do bizz while here. You’re not leaving the room for anything once here. Your focus is me and me only.Her: yes my focus is you. Maybe a weekend would be better so I can focus on you all night longMe: yesHer: Ok, Oct 2 or 3?Me: It seems like I had something planned, but we will assume it’s a yes for Friday nightMe: Let’s talk about your needs a moment.

Me: How do I let the wild horses run free?

Her: You have a pe thing on the 3rd- We can do it after that?

Me: Oct PE is canceled

Her: make me feel safe and sexy

Her: slow down. I don’t prefer to be jack-hammered the entire time

Her: Enter me slowly, touch my breasts softly, be gentle at least at first and for me it’s all about rhythm – yeah I know I totally sucked.Me: Position?Her: My favorite is missionary but all have something to offer. Do you like to eat pussy?Me: I have a deep seated craving for it.Her: NiceMe: I get the feeling you haven’t had many partners.Her: Why’s that?Me: Hunch, I don’t know am I wrong?Her: I guess it depends on how many a lot is.Me: If you keep count it isn’t a lot, if you lost track it’s a lot.Her: One night stands are generally not my style and I was off the market for several years…. But I wouldn’t call myself a newbie. Just because you’ve had more partners doesn’t mean it was better ?Me: True, have you been able to get some since you were off the market?Her: YesMe: How long since the split up?Her: 7 months. Sex isn’t hard to find, but good sex apparently isHer: what about you how long since you and (mutual friend’s name)Me: What’s your record orgasm in one night?Her: 7-I thought I was going to dieMe: I’m not going to talk about individuals and names. I wouldn’t do that to you and I’m not doing that to anyone else.Me: wow that’s pretty goodHer: Thanks – so are you a touch my balls guy or leave them the fualMe: you can do as you wish with my nutsHer: ass?Me: I’ll slip my wet cock in your ass, fore sure.Her: I meant youMe: no I don’t stick anything in there but toilet paper to wipe my ass and soap to wash it.Me: You enjoy anal?Her: GotchaHer: I have. Not interested the first time though… We’ll see about the futureMe: OkMe: Sounds like your submissiveMe: Your not into jack hammering, I’m assuming you don’t like smacked in the ass, hair pulled, screaming, spit on or choked either eh?Her: Sometimes. Is that going to mesh well, given you are the same? You never mentioned what you’re favorite position wasHer: Not typically, noMe: I like to change it up often but I like cowgirl, doggie and rough missionary.Her: hmmmMe: I want you standing up, touching your toes. I love your sexy long legs.Her: I will please you as long as you return the favor… s.t.d.s?Me: condom alwaysHer: Good. It doesn’t seem like we are hugely compatible, but there’s only one way to find out.Her: Talk vs. ActionMe: You got me wanting some pussy right now.Her: ditto. So I hope you’re not as big as your thump suggests.Me: What does it suggest? I hope you’re not as deep as your eye sockets suggest.Me: I’d let you pull it out and feel it get hard if you were with me now.Her: Lol no I don’t think I am – how big did you say?Me: I never said…Her: OMG I am dripping. And you sir are a slut.Me: Don’t waste it baby. Let me taste your honey.Her: Don’t worry there’s plenty.Me: Come to meMe: Get in my arms where you belongHer: You’re killing me! I wish to god I could right this second.Me: I’d open your ass cheeks nice and wide and let you guide my cock between your lips.Her: I am going to go masturbate now – way too hot to work…

Ivy’s Ultra Bar Hey yawl, I am going to start informing the group about specific issues that I deal with in each club we go to. I am doing this because I feel it is very important for the organizers to see the behind the scene issues that I deal with when working with the clubs. This week was Ivy’s Ultra Bar.
I set up a contract with ivy’s that confirmed our VIP rsvp and financial obligations here is that email:
Lee, thank you for your email. Our agreement was a three bottle minimum at 100.00 a bottle, free entree with a few bottles comp bottles of Champaign for those who dislike the vodka. Several of our members prefer top shelf drinks and they will carry there own tab at the bar privately.
Our plans are to meet next door at North Star pizza to get everyone setup with wristbands and I will speak briefly to the entourage and take the monies needed to handle everything up front. Once we enter around 10:45-11:00pm we will touch base with our hostess and pay upfront the expenses. Our plan is to purchase up front the first three bottles and tip out our hostess up front. Pending our numbers and consumption we will purchase more bottles as needed.
We will have some members around ten to fifteen guests who will be arriving later and using your VIP parking and entering late. Everyone except these individuals will be wearing a glowing wrist band on their wrist or garments to help single out our members. The members arriving later will notify the door with the words “project entourage jax” to signify they are our members. After entree they will also receive their wristbands.
Last time our members had some comments about ivy’s that could be improved. Here are those comments.
1) Drinks were being taken away and VIP cleaned up to quickly. Several members stated that they placed their drinks down to dance and they returned to find the drinks gone after only one sip. If we can have a table that is not to be cleaned until asked it would be nice.
2) Our members made comments and took pictures where they were drenched in sweat from the temperature being to hot in the club as the night progressed. Any assistance with this issue would certainly be more comfortable.
Our members love Ivy’s Ultra Bar and frequent the establishment on non sponsored nights. I have receive a lot of excitement notifications from our members letting me know that they are ready to have a fun, safe and positive night at Ivy’s! We frequent several clubs in Jax such as Terra Nova, Ocean Club, Marks and others and our  favorite to work with so far has been Ivy’s, the staff have been good and upfront with us and the scene has been positive and safe. We are truly excited to return to Ivy’s and have fun! Thank you Lee for your consideration and understanding of our needs. We can’t wait for November 14th to arrive. PierceProject Entourage JaxSent from my iPhone

Ok, that seems very straight forward to the average individual. Yes? Well sometimes clubs aren’t that bright I am learning. Here are the club issues that I had to deal on this second event at Ivy’s.
We came in and purchased four bottles off the top and tipped out our waitress. We gave her five hundred dollars to take care of our bill and tip out.
Later that night we had several that came in and we took the monies from them and I requested another bottle from the waitress. She smiled and said OK! She returned to me five minutes later and said that the first three bottles was for 100.00 dollars and that the club gave us a break on our forth bottle but the fifth would cost a 150.00 a pop from that point on. I looked at the waitress and said No! That wasn’t out original agreement. She said that’s what management told her. I told her that I wanted to speak with Lee. At this moment she leaves and does what ever she does with our money and we wait at least 15 minutes before I see her again. She finally returns and she says Lee said that they will give us the bottle for 125. At this moment I was a little aggravated and was in disbelief that this was happening. I looked at our waitress and told her that this is how this is going to go down. I am getting another bottle for 100 or I will take the money back. She left again to speak with management and soon returned with my money in hand. I smiled and said thank you!
Our waitress came to me shortly after and said that Lee wanted to speak with me. We walk outside and he compliments our group and said that he was impressed with our media coverage and we talk about his promotion in his other job a bit and then focus on the real situation about the agreement we had for a 100 a bottle.
He flips through the phone and pulls up the above email and tells me that he was under the impression that the discount was for the first three bottles. I smile big and tell him that my impression was that we had the option for more bottles at the same price. He talks about that he isn’t making any money on giving the bottles at 100 a pop and blah blah blah (club talk) I tell it is understandable and that we are having a blast. He says to me that he hopes there are no hard feelings and shakes my hand. I restate that if he wants the extra 100 then just let me know. Ten minutes later he sends the waitress to receive the 100 and delivers the extra bottle.
A bunch of bullshit! lol these are unfortunately the norm from what I am learning when it comes to clubs. I always have to watch our ass and keep a strong jaw with all these clubs.
As organizers take note of these issues and learn how to handle them as I do. I will make some mistakes and have made some in the past. Thus the reason I feel to make sure you guys understand and know the tactics clubs use to get more monies from us. Ask yourself what measures you would have taken yourself, what measures you might have tried, what’s the right and wrong thing to do. Start opening your mind to be savvy to their tactics so we can be better negotiators in our events.
Also keep in mind at any moment I could have become angry… I could have created an issue and possible burned a bridge for the future. Each time I smiled and stated our stance as professional and positive as possible. In the end, I made sure it was a positive experience. That’s the impression I want to leave every where we go.
Ps: this email is directed to Organizers so that we can learn to organize better for our members. Members do not need to know about these issues or be concerned in any way of this information.
Help WantedVolunteer’s Wanted – Now Hiring
The Entourage is growing bigger than any of us expected! I spend several countless hours a week managing this site properly. I need help in several areas to make sure the site is ran efficiently and better than any other meet up group out there. Here are the areas I need help in. If you can help please let me know.
Photo Wrangler: This person would be in charge of finding and posting all the pictures in and around the world wide web of our events. They would need to be well connected to all the members with face book, my space and any other future connecting companies. They will know how to upload copy and paste photos. Make sure we have permissions and get names and contact information on everyone who is taken pictures in order to post them on the website. They will need to carry our cards and give out the needed website information and explain how to upload all photos’s and files. Is this an area you can help with? Post a message saying you’re interested in the Photo Wrangler position.
Welcome Committee: Must be outgoing and have the new member’s best interests in mind.Must be able to read feelings and emotions of new members to take care of their needs.Must be a girl with energy and positive attitude.Must post greetings and be able to articulate in details the positive aspects of the group.Must be social and able to introduce potential and new members to everyone in the group.Must be able to communicate with owners, managers and other staff members of events we attend.Must be able to articulate to me and other Organizers the needs of new members.Must be responsible and handle themselves as a good represenitive of the group.On event nights, you need to be the first to welcome them and introduce them to members.This is a volunteer position.Let me know if you meet or desire to meet these requirements. We all were new once!
Letter Committee: Girls who are good with writing and able to send letters to venues after each meet up. If you are interested I want to correspond through email or phone text to set up what to say and how we want to come across in our thank you letters. As we grow we will start receiving more and more perks and comps where ever we go. We have one girl now, but with our numbers we need a couple more!
This will give them a professional thank you and also give them our contact information if they need or want our group to attend events in the future. This will also give them an avenue to promote there biz on our website and provide us with event calendars and other freebie’s. Preferably to be delivered in person to Owners and Managers.
I want a girl for this promo spot.Professional writing skills.Able to speak clearly on phone calls to owners and event host.Positive attitude.
Attendance Committee: Someone that has a good memory and able to keep a current mental count on the number of people we have at events and able to remember names and keep track of guests who come with each member. This person will need to be computer savvy and able to adjust attendance records on the website. Must have good memory skills and friendly.
Music Committee: Hot new music is going to be changing every week, we need someone who can keep track of hot new tracks and supply our DJ’s with a wish list of our desired hearing music. Person will need to be able to read crowds and be able to give the DJ his tip and music list. Be prepared to use the message board to get music requests for each event and print them out for the group.

Entourage Organizer MeetingProject Entourage JaxIntroduction –Fun, Safe, and Positive platform.Every decision will be made on these three principles. This is the standard to which I will make all final decisions and the outline of all your decisions as organizers should be based off of.
Expectations of Organizers –No Fucking on Entourage NightsNo drugs on Entourage NightsTalk to me about what’s going on in the group. You are my eyes and ears and I need your assistance to make sure the group stays fun, safe and positive. Do not spend time with one individual the entire night. Give equal time to everyoneIntroduce yourself to everyone in the group or say helloMake fun contagiouse, represent having a good time, if the organizers are having fun the others will follow.Make sure no one is left out, find the one sitting alone or the one who doesn’t appear to be having fun and force them to have fun.You are expected to never get drunk beyond the capability of getting yourself and others home safely.You are to make conscious sound decisions for girls when they are drunkWatch out for other Organizers and keep them accountable.

Instant removal of the group –Rape or involvement of any unwanted sexual advances.Instigating fights
Commitment – Give me a six month commitment
Open What have we done this year?What do we want to do this year?Where can we improve?
Thank You- Tell group your thanks and appreciation
Issues – 1. Thank You Meetup – my thoughts on how the situation should have unfolded2. Flirting – Guys, if a girl is flirty or nice with you it doesn’t mean she likes you. We are in a situation where the girls feel obligated to be nice to you. This does not mean that they like you or want to sleep with you.3. Me- A double standard has been mentioned that I expect that you guys should do one thing then I do another inside the club. Give me your thoughts.4. Lingering – We are lingering to long with certain people, the appearance is that we are hooking up.5. Recognize suital clues she makes that she is or is not interested in your company.
How can we make things more fun?How can we make things more safe?How can we make things more positive?
Safety –6. Before you leave to go home, make sure you walk girls to car, lock her doors.7. Get a cab for her.Make a call on her judgment for driving. If needed, get another organizer to help, or get another girl to assist you.
Discussion –Keeping cost down for guysKicking guy members who RSVP and don’t showGirl represinitive to negotiate dealsWebsitesFacebookMyspaceOthersSponsorsOther Future OrganizersDonationsLitMedia Unoficiall meetupsPosting proper notes for whats going on
Dates and Event locations -February 20 – OpenMarch 27 – OpenApril – OpenMay 16 – Terra Nova, 1 Year CelebrationJune 27 – Ivy’sJuly – Pierce MiamiAugust 1 – Terra NovaSeptember 12 – Ocean ClubNovember 14 – Ivy’s Finale
Get every one’s emailThank Tim for hosting event

Playboy PhotoYour full name and mailing address;****** ****** ********PO BOX 275Saint Augustine, Florida 32085*Links to where your copyrighted materials appear on the Meetup site;This is the link to the photo Album on my site “Project Entourage Jax”http://www.meetup.com/Rockstars/photos/649374/#9385447The image link for the image on meetup.com is below.http://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/6/3/6/7/600_9385447.jpeg The image link that is in violation is listed below:http://www.meetup.com/Fabulous-Girl-Friends/*Links to or copies of your original copyrighted materials to establish you as the copyright holder;I am the owner of “Project Entourage Jax” the website where the photo is uploaded. I do not give anyone permission to reuse, copy, or duplicate the photo’s that are originally place in or on my website.http://www.meetup.com/rockstarsAlbum link: http://www.meetup.com/Rockstars/photos/649374/#9385447*A statement that you have a good faith belief that there is no legal basis for the use of your materials;I ******* *. ******* have no faith that there is any legal basis for the use of any photo’s to be used from “Project Entourage Jax” website. We do not give consent for any group or individual to use these photos.*A statement that the information you are providing regarding this removal request is accurate;I ***** *. ********, the owner of “Project Entourage Jax” website give my word that the information that I am giving for the removal request is accurate.*A statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are the copyright holder and/or are authorized to act on the behalf of the copyright holder, that you did not authorize the use of your materials on the Meetup site, and that you wish to have them removed.I ****** *. ******** under penalty of perjury am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder and wish to have the photo in question to be removed from the meetup site.
I have been notified by the individuals within the photo that they do not wish their photo to be associated with your meetup. I have attempted to contact you once before and received no comment in return. I have noticed that you have logged into our website on at least two occasions since the email notification.
Project Entourage Jax is a private and exclusive group. We do not give you permission to use our photos on your meetup group or to your advantage in marketing. We are asking you to remove any photo that has our likeness or members within it at our events. This is the second notification and final notification that will be sent to you.
If this is not resolved quickly and easily we will notify meetup.com of the violation and remove you from our group until this issue is resolved. Being that this member is in a high profile position of employment she earnestly requests that you remove the picture. Due to her contracts and obligations in her employment herself or likeness is not to be used in any other marketing or promotion attempts. She has contacted me of her dislike and is holding myself liable of my actions and will watch you in future decisions on her likeness. Please place an end to this issue and remove the pictures immediately.
If no action is taken by July 8th at midnight we will be forced to take action against you. Pierce

Negitive Response,  ResponseThanks for the positive feedback! Obviously you are rolling with a large posse yourself, we would all love to here more about how you are doing and how great a job you are doing. The measure of a woman isn’t about how you grade my girls; it’s far more than a number of beauty you give my girls. As far as how I have started my entourage and how I handle my group is specifically that. My group, I hate to break the true reality to you but the guru’s that you follow all do this. They do build there entourage with bottles and food. They do have certain girls who they do not sleep with because they give far more social proof long-term. My last girlfriend hangs out with STYLE I’m sure you have heard of him. She informs me that this is exactly what the “top guys” do. Whether you desire to agree with it or not is up to you. The guru’s use social proof to get others. You don’t hear much information on this because they are busy doing it right now and writing books on it that I am sure will come out at a later date. You seem to be adamant of exposing my (5?s and 6?s) this makes me believe you truly probably have no idea about women and probably learned to use both hands more than a real life woman.  I respect both Mystery and Speer tremendously, I use there tactics and teachings on a regular bases. I also use my personality and techniques to reveal who I am as a person and purposely try to not mimic others. I certainly don’t bring a negative vibe or try to flame other members with jealousy and bad attitudes. As for admissions and things getting pricy here is what I have to say about that. You not running an entourage to big night clubs have no understanding of what 30 girls can bring to you and the 5-10 buddies in your entourage. You don’t fully understand social proof. My last outing I had 50 people come to, 14 were guys and the rest was girls. When you show up with these numbers to a night club you get special treatment. I purchased 5 bottles of vodka for five hundred. I want you to do the math here 14 into 500 equals some where around 35 bucks. Mr. Mol, think about the social proof, special VIP access with our own bouncer. We were comps 5 bottles of beer to members who didn’t like vodka, and the owner through in another three bottles of Champaign just for the hell of it. Last time you went out tell me how much you spent on drinks for the night and how many girls followed you throughout the night. Hell did you even get laid? Come on man?  The thing about guys not showing up just solidify’s that you have no clue what your talking about. If I have thirty girls hanging out with me, there is always a bottom feeder like yourself who tries to come in and scam on the girls I have brought with me. I turn guys away from my entourage on a regular bases. My buddies understand social proof, and I expect that if you were to be invited out from a guy who has thirty plus girls hanging with him you would certainly show up. Why? Because you don’t have what it takes to create an entourage of your own.  Now, that I have responded to all your negative non-understanding remarks….. If you don’t have anything positive to say or have experience with this type of game, or desire to learn from this thread please reform from making shitty comments and posting negative remarks. In fact please don’t even respond to this response. I have to figure out where I want to take my entourage next weekend and have spent too much time responding to a keyboard jockey. Pierce

"A good investment, Pierce knows his stuff. He went above and beyond what I expected"

- Michael

"Pierce noticed my sticking points immediately and offered practical solutions to fix them. He possesses a unique blend of patience, honesty, and positive encouragement that got me out of my comfort zone and achieving results. What separates Pierce from the rest of the coaches is that he takes a personal pride in my success and doesn't view me as a dollar sign. This is evident in the extra time he has spent with me in person as well as through e-mail and texts when the sessions are over."

- Luke

"This is the only bootcamp I've taken where I had two instructors focused on JUST ME."

- Adam Q.

"Pierce is great! Although I must say the biggest benefit I got out of the weekend bootcamp was the in set coaching from the smoking hot female instructor. It was great to have a HB10 open sets with me, and then tell me from HER perspective what was and what wasn't attractive about my game."

- Blake

"Best money I ever spent on self improvement. Pierce was able to quickly find weak points I didn't know I had, and then pushed me all weekend to overcome them. "

- Francisco

"This one is at a really high level"

- Adam Lyons - Rated Worlds Best PUA

"Becoming a PUA is not just about picking up women. It is about striving to become the best person that
you can become and applying those techniques to your everyday life. Through Pierce's techniques, my
confidence is at an all time high, my work ethic has improved, and I have the girlfriend that I have always
wanted. By taking this course, not only will you be able to pick up more women, but I truly think it will
enhance all areas of your life."

- Vegas

"By the end of the night I felt comfortable enough to do anything. I would have swim naked in the ocean or whatever else he wanted to do"

- L. Jones