A Wealth Of Knowledge

PUA Coach has a wealth of knowledge completely free. While others are money hungry hogs I remain one of the only companies whose interest is to personally help you develop without draining you of all your finances. You will find newspaper write ups, PUA Coach University, stripper game, text game and my research on Value Displacement. Enjoy the free material and send me an email letting me know how much you have enjoyed.

• The local newspaper got wind of the company and sought us out to interview us. Fortunately timing was just right and they were able to follow us hands on while we gave a One-On-One coaching session. Read about the night in detail under the resources tab above. Folio Weekly is a high traffic newspaper in the local area that covers everything that happens in and around the North-East Florida area.

• PUA Coach University is an online basic introduction to the art of pick up. Get free advice, and instruction for free before spending huge amounts of money at other places. I want you to be fully equipped to start your progress of becoming more attractive. These two sessions will get you prepared to head out and find that girl of your dreams. Take as much time and research as you desire and apply these classes. Your foundation is crucial, make sure it is solid and you get a head start at PUA Coach University.

• My stripper game has been developed for years and gives you real advice on how to close nearly any stripper you come in contact with. The technics are the same guidelines I follow on a regular base and have given me many opportunities’ long term to return time after time with the same girls. Turn strippers into long term sexual buddies and have them fight over your presence when you walk in. Start your research and learning about strippers for free!

• The Text Game area will give you spot on texts that get results. Many are timeless and really fun to incorporate into your game. What text game does is makes things fun and gets her hooked into enjoying your company. When you are entertaining, different and convey a fun and confident personality through texting it will typically lead her to ask you out for the next date. Another amazing way to build more comfort and deep rapport with her is through texting. Check out actual texts you can use immediately!

• After years of misunderstanding, paralyzed limbs and complete fear of Approach Anxiety the cure has been found in Value Displacement! Ground Breaking research and techniques have been developed and engineered specifically for dealing with this topic. Value Displacement is transforming how people view and understand their relationships with others.

"A good investment, Pierce knows his stuff. He went above and beyond what I expected"

- Michael

"Pierce noticed my sticking points immediately and offered practical solutions to fix them. He possesses a unique blend of patience, honesty, and positive encouragement that got me out of my comfort zone and achieving results. What separates Pierce from the rest of the coaches is that he takes a personal pride in my success and doesn't view me as a dollar sign. This is evident in the extra time he has spent with me in person as well as through e-mail and texts when the sessions are over."

- Luke

"This is the only bootcamp I've taken where I had two instructors focused on JUST ME."

- Adam Q.

"Pierce is great! Although I must say the biggest benefit I got out of the weekend bootcamp was the in set coaching from the smoking hot female instructor. It was great to have a HB10 open sets with me, and then tell me from HER perspective what was and what wasn't attractive about my game."

- Blake

"Best money I ever spent on self improvement. Pierce was able to quickly find weak points I didn't know I had, and then pushed me all weekend to overcome them. "

- Francisco

"This one is at a really high level"

- Adam Lyons - Rated Worlds Best PUA

"Becoming a PUA is not just about picking up women. It is about striving to become the best person that
you can become and applying those techniques to your everyday life. Through Pierce's techniques, my
confidence is at an all time high, my work ethic has improved, and I have the girlfriend that I have always
wanted. By taking this course, not only will you be able to pick up more women, but I truly think it will
enhance all areas of your life."

- Vegas

"By the end of the night I felt comfortable enough to do anything. I would have swim naked in the ocean or whatever else he wanted to do"

- L. Jones