You Can Game Any Stripper

These documents are a work in progress on how to run solid Stripper Game, as I field test and research more I add snippets to these documents. Enjoy my research on Stripper Game and take advantage of these tactics, all my writings are free while being develop until iv completed them fully. This is my gift to those who follow me on a regular basis.

This video is me hanging out with Pole Dancers, I was dating one of the girls. This video was us hanging out on a “pink tie night” in Jacksonville. The girls found some poles at the beaches and took advantage of the opportunity.

Most girls strip for a reason, so time your visits to maximize your chances. Late in the month bills are due, so her focus is going to be paying her essential bills. Day shift girls are much more willing to sit and talk to regulars. When going on busy night and holidays try to arrive early or very late. Girls will blow you off if it’s a busy time or give you false indicators of interests.

If you’re a nice guy every girl will line up to talk with you. In the beginning they are completely looking at you as a dollar sign regardless of if you have spent money on them or not. Until that moment they ask you for a dance you are considered potential money. Your goal in these crucial moments is to break her into telling you deep rapport subjects like instances in their lives that hurt or happy moments. Once they ask for the dance cordially say no and look into their eyes. If they bolt immediately after, you did not build a deep enough connection with them. If they hesitate to leave you have laid a solid foundation to build on. They will remember you and you will talk with them more in the future.

This is just me fucking around at the Dive Bar Jacksonville.

Build more comfort and find outside value in them such as hobbies or activities they enjoy doing the next time you are able to talk with them more. Lead this interaction into a friendly meet-up, asking her qualifying question will give her a chance to find out her interests and desires. Simply use this information for you casual outing. Even during your first outside get together do not buy her anything outside of half of the bill or allow her to pay her own if she asks. Do not spend a lot of money on her or she will see you as a potential game. A drink or two is nice but buying a bottle for her and her friends is a no-no. Keep her in friend mode, only have sex with her when she instigates the attempt. Simply match her actions or let her lead. The reason for this is that many have had serious difficulties and they all think guys want one thing (sex). If you’re friendly and just match her actions it will trip her mind out and build enormous amounts of attraction. Play the waiting game and be nice and you will reap big rewards in the future.

I have a whisper game I use on strippers all the time here are my main two I always use.
1. First interaction I always get a hug some time during the talk, this can be done before she disqualifies you as a potential client. Get the hug and hold her close as you whisper in her ear, “this feels good, you’re supposed to be here right now, I like this.” This will slow her down and break her from work mode for a couple seconds and transfer into a potential girlfriend mode. Creating boyfriend spikes (pretending to be her boyfriend without permission) like this will build deep rapport with her.
2. If you are good enough to build that deep rapport with her she will never ask you the client questions such as “Want a dance”. If you can get her out of work mode into deep rapport she will feel uncomfortable asking you the question. During your interaction before she leaves or you simply tell her you have had a really nice time speaking with her and whisper to her these words, “Thanks for being normal baby”. She will respond in like manor and from here you have laid the frame and ground work to evolve your relationship anywhere you desire it.

Do not become a customer! The moment this happens, you fall into the “pervert” give me your money person. They will look at you as a dollar sign more than a potential mate.

Do not sit in the front row! Never, ever go near that area. I sit at the bar and make sure the bar tender is well taken care of. If at all possible try to order something that is not normal, such as wine, a special mixed drink or something colorful. At one place I always order a glass of wine, I get many girls that use this to open up conversation topics inside the club with me. Show a little class. This will reap more benefits in many different areas.

Find a bouncer, manager, or guy friend inside to make rapport with. This separates you from local clientele and establishes proof within the club. A Little trick is to ask for someone to show you around, Tell the manager that you are setting up a Bachelor party and would like to see the place. The girls will think you are someone of value.

A stripper’s job is to make you think you have a chance at them. Strippers, waitress, bar tenders etc. will use what i call “False Indicators of Interests” This is set up to buy you into their frame. You must reestablish the frame in order to have any real chance at getting them. No exceptions. This does not mean you can’t get laid by a stripper who is using the establishment to trick. You think you played your game well and tell your buddies you fucked her when in reality you just did what any and every guy did that night. You paid, you got played. It is simple as that.

Ounce they hook you they get your money. Do not listen to anything they say within the first few minutes, interrupt them if you have to. Talk about your material and establish high value. Sit alone, the girls look specifically for that wallflower to abduct and steal their money from. Know the Game and Play it to your material. Often bartenders and bouncers keep an eye on customers, and policy may even be that no male sit alone. So attempt to do that very thing. They will line up to speak with you. Keep in mind that whatever you say will get around the club so make sure you are interesting.Talk about everything but sexual topics. If you work in a hamburger shop, the last thing you want to sit and talk about is the dam hamburger!

Emotional topics are good, don’t mention anything about the club times, party’s or different girls in the club. Unless you are not interested in the current girl you are talking to. Keep her mind outside the club.

Most girls know that nearly all guys can’t date a stripper. They don’t have the mentality to deal with dropping them off and picking them up every day, smelling like jez and spending more time with bouncers and managers than their boyfriends. You must make comments about how you have dated a girl that used to strip or most of the girls you have met have turned out to be strippers. A best friend out of town is a stripper that you visit often for dinner (she is a great cook). These statements relate that you have been pre-selected by girls like them. Therefor they need you!

Cold readings are great in the club, brush up and review your cold reading tactics and use some words that she can figure out later when she thinks about you. Show dominance and proof that you are someone of high value, well-educated and good.

Be selective, when you find a target, brush the other girls off when she goes and dances. If you do she will return to talk to you. I usually only have real conversations with one or two of the girls I like. I am incredibly rude to girls i don’t find attractive or desirous. It’s so bad that I even throw them dollars to get them away from me before they speak and shoo them away with my hand. After doing this to a few of the girls your presence is well known in the club and you become a challenge. So much that I had an instance where another girl who I dissed paid another stripper money if she could get me to even talk to them. I did end up talking to her, getting her number and she is to this day a close friend. She gave me all her information to prove she could to her friends and all the other strippers there. Girls are much more competitive than guys are in a lot of ways. Use the selective process to your advantage.

Become a local, I have seen buck tooth-fuck-faces snag hot strippers because they are their often and are available for rides. They feel more comfortable with a re-accruing customer than a first timer. When I speak of customer I mean at the bar, not with the girls. Become a customer of the bar. I have had managers call me up to check on me because I became a good customer of the bar. I was a dick to the girls. The girls are an attraction to get guys to come in and drink alcohol, that’s all they are to an establishment.

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