Text Game Openers

Enjoy these PUA Text Game Openers!

Here is a list of easy text openers you can use today with the girls in your phone. At the bottom of this list is great information on the overall “Pick Up Artist” text game strategies that will help everyone.

List of PUA TEXT Game Openers:

“Today is HOLY SHIT YOUR HOT DAY, send this to someone you know who is HOT, just not to me, Ive been getting this fucking text all day ;p”

Me: U doin?
Her: Dinner with my mom and then sleep, I work at 6 am.
Me: Exciting, you are going to make a great soccer mom some day!
Her: Thanks Ass! I needed a laugh!
Me: I will keep an eye out for used Mini Vans and do some research on anti-depressants for you!
Her: OMG! I am laughing so hard right now, that’s hillarious!!

(opener) What are you doing, cutie? :-)
(opener) SURPRISE!
(opener) Knock knock…
(opener) How’s my favorite little brat doing?
(opener) Ciao, Bella! / Mi amore! / My Cheri amore!
(opener) I just made you open your phone for no reason…looks like I got you in check =]
(opener) Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
(opener) What sort of trouble are you causing?
(opener) I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer Skittles or M&M’s?
(opener) Hey.. do me a favor and text me right back. Just hi or something. My friends don’t believe retards can text. We’ll show ’em ‘lil buddy
(opener) I know my math U+I equals 69
(opener) Girls are gross…
(opener) I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!
(opener) Aliens are coming to abduct all the sexy people off the planet and force them to breed. You should be safe, I just wanted to text to say goodbye.
(opener) Remember guys, tomorrow is “Hug a retard” day… So don’t freak out like you did last year, NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOU!
(for flakes) I just met your twin
(for flakes) I like talking to you and I don’t play games. I think we’re really good together. Let’s try it if not that’s cool and I’m glad we met.
(push-pull) Out of all the (first name) (last name)’s I know… I think you’re my favorite.
(push-pull) You just popped into my head so Hi…now please stay out of there
(for same night) Sweet dreams, sexy. :-) [name]
(for same night) Hey I hope you got home safe. [name]
(attraction) Let’s fly to Las Vegas, get married, argue about our third kid’s name, divorce, and grow old lonely and depressed.
(attraction) I don’t know who you’re boyfriend is…but he’s not spanking you enough!
(attraction) I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.
(attraction) Awww, you’re so sweet. You’re making me get diabetes.
(attraction) I just don’t think we should do this anymore…Sometimes you make me feel like I am just a piece of meat.
(comfort) I was thinking of you…
(comfort) Something about u seems to always make me smile.

“For what?” “What did I do?” “Why?”
“I was just thinking of u. Congratulations =)”

“Who is this?”
[girls name]
“I know…I’m just being an ass

“Did you know that LIPS and KISS are typed the same way on your phone?”
“I love how soft your lips are, I can’t wait to kiss them again.”

6 truths in your life:
1. You can’t lick all your teeth with your tongue.
2. You’re an idiot, because you just tried to prove truth number one.
3. Truth one is a lie.
4. Now you’re smiling, because you’re a goof.
5. You’ll send it to another idiot in the near future.
6. You’re still smiling 😉

Works every time, insane opener.

“just a reminder – do your kegels.”

For flakes/tapering attraction due to excessive texting and no phone contact:

‘Hey slut, come on over so I can get you drunk and bust a load off on your face’

If no response:

“Oh I must have mistook u for someone who had a sense of humor, dork hehe but I still love you – so don’t go jumping off a building or anything”

Me: “Hey you cheeky-slag, orgy starts at 8:00, but be there early so I can get you while you’re still fresh”
HB: “Hahahaha shut up”
Me: “Fine. Well, can I at least get seconds?”
HB: “I’ll think about it what are you up to?”

Me: I don’t think we should do this anymore… Sometimes I just feel like a piece of meat!
HB: Who is this?
Me: Lol, this is the guy you helped decide where to watch the sunset ~livewire
HB: I think you have the wrong number.
Me: That is too bad I thought I was talking to the funny waitress from Tavern.
HB: OH I know who this is do you want to come 2 a bachelorette party and then to a strip club? It’ll b fun

“Hey! I really miss you and want to see you badly BUT this dumbass security guard won’t let me in the zoo. Can you escape?”

Text 1: Listen, we need to talk…

(pause) (or wait for response)

Text 2: I heard aliens are coming to down to abduct all the sexy people and force them to breed. You should be fine, but I just wanted to say goodbye.

Text Game Congruence

Below are some basic topics on texting. I hope they will help you! Send me an email if you enjoyed the writing, I love to hear feedback or just post a comment.

Drop Texting, Girls do this all the time; your job is to do it before she does it.

If you prolong your texting into a conversation you probably are building too much comfort in your texting and she will not feel the desire to meet you face to face. Texting is like being face to face; if you appear you’re trying to hard you will start losing her attention. If you text her too much she will be satisfied with being text buddies instead of building a relationship or meeting in real life. Drop text before she does. This keeps her wanting more from you, just like you feel when she drops text on you. Stay away from long discussions.

Example 1:
Boy: You look like a sexy professor who needs to be spanked
Girl doesn’t respond.

Example 2:
Girl: Miss you
Boy doesn’t respond.

*You want find this information anywhere else; if you do they have stolen it from me.

The game doesn’t begin until after the club! Unless your plans are to go home with her be patient and let the game continue into the night. Keep this in mind, your job throughout the night is to acquire your phone numbers and build friendships. If you find a hot one that’s ready by all means take it but many times the game doesn’t start until after the club is over. Your text game will come into effect so be ready to start immediately after the club. Girls are out to have a good time, they are partying the weekend and looking to score with the right guy. Your text game will be a heavy impact on her decision for the night. Bring your game and let the chips fall where they may.

Keep things light, fun, short and stay away from negative remarks. New contacts are looking for reasons to not respond, try to prevent this from happening. A solid first text is reverting back to a conversation and a laughing moment the two of you had during your conversations. As your text continues be work in some humor that’s fun. Don’t go to deep into theory or get into conversations that are deep minded. Don’t try to build deep rapport or emotional spikes in texts. Those are only to be used ONE ON ONE, or after you have built a comfortable relationship ONE ON ONE.

Another thing you won’t hear others say, but if she texts you don’t worry about the time to wait until you respond, feel free to text as you see fit. I lead a very busy life. I don’t have time to wait five, ten, fifteen minutes to reply to a text. It’s not worth my time to wait around; I have more to do and other girls to talk to. IF A GIRL TEXTS YOU, FUCKING TEXT HER BACK! Don’t go out of your way to text her immediately but don’t wait around for some magic moment to happen either. If you’re available, respond to her in kind and don’t run around playing games with time.

Your texting should mimic your personal conversation. If you didn’t talk in person about sex, then don’t start texting about sex. It’s incongruent and it will make you out to be a weird creep. If your conversation was light and you talked about fun things then your texting should fall in the same lines of your talking. A guy who meets a girl and they exchange phone numbers and he tries to seduce her in texting will not work. I have tried personally and it doesn’t end well.

Below is a Letter I sent to my local Lair Brothers:
Brothers, I wrote this while working with some guys on this topic. Hope this helps you calibrate your-self and understand the new generation of communication!


Are you winning the game of texting? How do you know if your text appropriate?
Here are some basic guidelines I use in my game?

1. Often I scroll through my texts to see who has typed in more words to each other. If I am typing twice as much as she is, I am losing the battle and investing too much and conveying too much interest.
You: I was sitting at the beach and seen this guy with a Speedo and I almost lost my lunch!
Her: Really?
You: Yea, he had dark hair all over his back and look like he was stuffing his front side!
Her: Sick!
You: I had a really good meal, noodles and fettuccine with seasoned bread!
Her: Sounds good!
You: Not when it regurgitates into your mouth from nasty Speedo guy!
Her: Lol

Question: Who is investing into this conversation the most? Who is chasing who? Instead of telling the story, ask her to join the conversation about the Speedo.
You: I was at the beach today, it was really nice, ever seen those euro guys in Speedos?
Her: Yea they are so nasty; you would never find me dating one of those guys!
You: I know right?
Her: Sicko!
You: This one looked hairy, and like he stuffed!
Her: LMFAO, call the police!

* As you can see you are getting her to invest more into your conversation with just some small tweaks to how you setup your text. The more investment you get from her the more she will see value in you.

2. Am I following everything she says or is she following everything I say? This is frame control. Often, girls will try to catch you into a discussion that has no right answer. Or lead you into a dead-end conversation. Simply ignore this banter and never even acknowledge her or the undesired topic. Redirect the conversation to what you desire.
Her: How big is your cock?
Me: I have a really great idea; meet me up for ice-cream, I know this secret spot.
Her: Really, where is it?

Often time’s texting can get out of order or more than one thread is being talked about at one time. Because of this, we can ignore certain topics, pretend to miss them, or just forgot to answer. Often the girl will move right on as if she didn’t even say it. They are hardwired to bounce from topic to topic so they may not even realize how they sound or maybe have realized it wasn’t a good question or comment to leave. So don’t feel pressured to answer every text that comes your way.

3. Girls do this often, if they don’t like the conversation they will just not reply back or say anything to you. Turn this around on them. I repeat an IMPORTANT RULE: You do not have to reply to every text she sends you. If the text is late, or not to your liken, or just plain stupid, you do not have to reply! In fact it is better if you do not reply to her! Wait for the right topic to arise and restart conversation when comfortable. Girls do this all the time, now we do!
Her: Yea, I enjoyed the ice-cream but that guy at the door was an asshole!
You don’t respond.
Her: I never tried the walnut before I loved it.
You: I know I am glad I took your advice on the rainbow delight! I really enjoyed it! We are definitely going back.

4. Your level of text should equal your level of sexual escalation in real life. If your level of sexual escalation in real life is comfortable enough to grab her pussy in public, then you should be able to easily escalate to sex text. If you can’t grab her boob in real life, you cannot text her about rubbing your cock.
Example: Just met and N-Closed
Text no-no: I got a twelve inch cock!

5. The number of texts you send should be relatively close to the number she sends. Be cautious not to send several texts one right after the other. In the beginning until you form enough comfort you will have to wait for her to respond. No exceptions to this rule.
You: Hey cutie I really enjoyed talking with you, felt like we have known each other for years.
You: I know a secret place to get ice-cream
You: What time should I pick you up?
Her: Hey what’s going on?
You: You’re having an ice-cream attack and I have the antidote!
You: Must get sprinkles into your system quick!
You: Send me directions fast!
Her: I’m babysitting my cousin K sorry

* Even though your lines may be good and completely entertaining, the fact that you have become pushy will result as if you had no game at all. This same routine can be done slower with responses and get a completely different result if calibrated properly.

6. Don’t call on the phone period. That form of communication is dead. Girls naturally want to see you in real life. Unconsciously they will desire to see and meet you again on a higher degree if you text rather than call. The phone is a good way to kill any opportunity you may ever have with her if not calibrated and timed just right. A girl’s imagination is double when it comes to demonstrating high value over texts, opposed to face to face interactions or phone calls. Texting has evolved in a big way, there are still girls who feel it is appropriate to call first and build comfort. But these girls are slowly diminishing from existence; text is subconsciously becoming the main form of communication. You can build a lot of attraction with less chance of lowering your value while sending a text than a phone call.

Sexual Escalation / Text Game – Verbal Escalation

You can DHV in texting but sexual escalation via text is a no-no until you have been there with her. Your verbal words should follow your physical escalation, this is a great way of calibrating yourself and staying balanced and raising your percentage of closings. In the beginning: how you touch her should be the same as how you talk with her. This should be light and easy. If this is out of balance you will typically get negative or uneasy responses.

Tear 1:
A five minute light conversation with an n-close
Text: I feel really comfortable talking with you, it is nice.
* DHV in texting, use a time constraint offer with date and keep conversation to comfort and what each other likes.

Tear 2:
First date, ice cream and k-close
Text: You’re going to be so much trouble K. Momma told me about girls like you!
* NLP her and keep it light, cocky, funny. Keep bringing her back to special moments during your date and conversations. In this stage don’t push any sexual texting; you can easily blow yourself out. Focus on emotional spikes and funny text.

Tear 3:
Second date, intimate location with f-close
Text: You better get your ass back over here to me!
* As a rule you can open like this then pull it back to normal conversation and then escalate back to this point. Push away again and escalate again. Keep your sexual attraction high by keeping your verbal sexual texting high.

As comfort is built, you can ramp up your touching and your verbal stimulation should follow suit. When your sexual escalation has peeked to heavy making out and feeling each other up your verbal escalation should follow the same path. If you feel up her pussy you should be talking about how warm her crotch is. This does not mean you can text your girl straight off the bat with high sex texting. Once you have gotten to this level it means that you can escalate to this point again in the future. It doesn’t mean you can start off this way. Each conversation should gradually lead into sex texting, not start off or randomly text throughout the day.

Pierce – Sex Text Game

Ok, below is a recent text banter that I got to actually go masturbate after texting her! You can read how I escalated her to this point. I refused to buy into her frame at times. Pay attention to the frame and investment of each other’s text. Take note of the rhythm of the texting we use. This text is after an amazing date the two of us had. We made out in the cemetery and got ran off by Saint Augustine Police and really connected in a heavy way.

Her: Have you ever tried any energy work before?

Pierce: What’s that?
Her: It’s a movement of energy via the hands or other methods to achieve bliss. Can begin with the breath…
Pierce: Show me.

* In the cemetery we were really connected. Something was happening.

Her: U started it but maybe u didn’t realize u was doing it
Her: Yes. That was the start of it
Pierce: Honestly I wanted to be inside you, honestly it didn’t matter. Whatever it was I was satisfied. Strangely enough.
Her: Well u certainly have potential, energy wise. Would like 2 take u 4 a test run, no energy work required
Pierce: I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about but whatever.
Her: I want 2 fuck you
Pierce: Oh. Ok.
Pierce: Missed that one.

* At this moment I don’t want to convey too much interest, I want to act like this happens all the time and that it’s completely normal for me to hear this. I also want to not talk myself out of a good opportunity so I cut all the bullshit and go for setting the time up.

Pierce: When is the best time for you?
Her: Next Tues.
Pierce: Let’s start planning it now.

* A tactic I like to use is to get them involved with planning the first session. It builds comfort and invests time into me and the moment.

Pierce: I want to spend a lot of time and not be rushed. I don’t want phones or any distractions.
Her: And no cameras please
Pierce: No video or camera
Her: Thanks, I appreciate it
Pierce: Should we leave town or get a place close to the beach?
Her: Whatever you like
Pierce: There is a hostel in the forest that is in Fernandina that has tree houses or we can get a simple room by the beach somewhere. What’s your fancy?
Her: Between the two I¡¦m going to go with the beach. 😉
Pierce: Any other ideas?
Her: Or your Sanford and son truck we drove by?

* This is a crafty way of saying she wants to come to my place. I don’t give into her frame because I don’t want her at my place just yet. I want to meet at a mutual place or her place the first time. So I deflect the frame this way.

Pierce: Lol, you better bring the heat if we are going to do this (her name)
Her: Now I feel pressure man that’s no good.
Pierce: If you show up and completely suck ass and just lay there or be a prude like eating a taco I’m going to be disappointed. You better drop it and start seducing now.
Pierce: Don’t waste my time with bad sex.
Her: Ok I’ll try not to suck ass! Why don’t you tell me what you like and I will know how to please you.
Her: Ditto
Pierce: I like to be attacked. Seduced early, talk naughty too and prefer squirting orgasms
Her: Well versed-but who’s squirting. You or me?

* Notice at this point I don’t answer her direct, I assume to know the answer. I don’t have to reply to her with an answered text. I will also attempt to put the sexual pressure on her to perform than myself. Often girls will test you to see if you can handle it or be good in bed by purposely making you nervous. If they can they will skirt away with an excuse. If they feel you’re confident their attraction grows. So I place the pressure on her rather than me to perform.

Pierce: Start researching it now, we got to get you up to speed.
Her: Female ejaculation. Yeah I got it.
Pierce: Ah Gawd K
Her: Wait- you were joking?
Pierce: Not Joking
Her: Well it takes a lot for me to pull that one off. Not sure if I can deliver on that
Pierce: You’re suppressed and hold back sexually, you don’t trust nor do you allow yourself to be comfortable expressing your desires. You’re going to be too much of a hassle to mess with.
Her: Ok thanks Dr. Phil
Pierce: Not playing
Her: Well whatever you think. I think you are just afraid.

* (Trying to draw me into her frame but I refuse to go there)

Pierce: You know what you need to do.
Pierce: You can take things to another level and I expect you will do what it takes to get there.
Her: A sexual challenge from you? Ha! You don’t have to insult a girl to get her to open up.

* She is also getting nervous and about to break it off, now that I have pushed her away a little with sexual tension I will bring her back to calibration. I use some basic NLP and get her back in the mental state I want her at.

Pierce: As soon as you’re in my arms you will trust, and when I kiss you I know you will feel comfortable, and when I get you there I know you will open up and experience the pinnacle of expression with me.
Pierce: You like candles?
Her: I’m a chick
Pierce: How’s your hickey?

* Reverting back to positive moments from the date and she is switching topics.

Her: Still there btw, what happened to the vampire party?
Pierce: I pulled it; the guys want to go to Miami on the 16th
Her: So, How long have you had multiple personalities? (I will ignore of course)
Her: PUA meeting?
Pierce: Not really, though, I have several biz connections that will be in town that weekend.
Pierce: Want to come with us to Miami?
Her: I would love to join your pastry chef business meeting

* Re-establishing strong frame by breaking rapport and not afraid of disagreeing
with her

Pierce: Lol, you’re not coming to the meeting just staying in Miami with us.
Her: How long are you staying?
Pierce: Till Sunday
Her: If one of your personalities still likes me at that time, I would love to go

* Still breaking from the above orgasm topic. She either wants to return to the topic from excitement from pushing her or feels resentment from the topic. I thought I needed to drop the topic but she brings it back up. I didn’t realize that at this point she is highly attracted to me. It may be because I placed a standard for her to meet and it stimulated her. I am solid with my frame and she gives in.

Pierce: I’m just telling you what I prefer baby, you asked. You’re still amazing either way if you squirt or not baby.
Pierce: I think some of the other PE girls are going also
Her: It’s cool. I will work on being less repressed.
Pierce: Good, back to Tuesday, SA or Jax?
Her: I suppose SA; I have some business there anyway

* Small Shit test to test my frame again. This was a very crafty test from her because when she plopped out the dates below it was obvious she had been looking at a better time. (Her business is an ex and some furniture that’s at his place) You can understand why I am not allowing her to go there.

Pierce: You’re not going to do bizz while here. You’re not leaving the room for anything once here. Your focus is me and me only.
Her: Yes my focus is you. Maybe a weekend would be better so I can focus on you all night long
Pierce: Yes
Her: Ok, Oct 2 or 3?
Pierce: It seems like I had something planned, but we will assume it’s a yes for Friday night

* Once I get an answer I don’t like talking a lot about it. I don’t dwell on the fine details I feel it can bog the decision down and I can loose her in it. I change threads and focus on her needs now.

Pierce: Let’s talk about your needs a moment.
Pierce: How do I let the wild horses run free?
Her: You have a PE thing on the 3rd- We can do it after that?
Pierce: Oct PE is canceled.
Her: Make me feel safe and sexy.
Her: Slow down. I don’t prefer to be jack-hammered the entire time.
Her: Enter me slowly, touch my breasts softly, be gentle at least at first and for me it’s all about rhythm. Yeah, I know I totally sucked.
Pierce: Position?
Her: My favorite is missionary but all have something to offer. Do you like to eat pussy?
Pierce: I have a deep seated craving for it.
Her: Nice

* Push / pull, the idea is to make her invest and prove herself to me. More investment more attraction and value.

Pierce: I get the feeling you haven’t had many partners.
Her: Why’s that?
Pierce: Hunch, I don’t know am I wrong?
Her: I guess it depends on how many a lot is.
Pierce: If you keep count, it isn’t a lot. If you lost track, it’s a lot.
Her: One night stands are generally not my style and I was off the market for several years. But I wouldn’t call myself a newbie. Just because you’ve had more partners doesn’t mean it was better

* This is a subconscious admittance that I am in a strong frame and she is very attracted to me. We never talked about exactly how many partners we had, she just assumes that I am more qualified in bed. Yes, that’s what I want her to think.

Pierce: True, have you been able to get some since you were off the market?
Her: Yes
Pierce: How long since the split up?
Her: 7 months. Sex isn’t hard to find, but good sex apparently is
Her: What about you how long since you and (mutual friend’s name)

* Huge last minute shit test! She calls out a girl’s name that I had already fucked before. I have no idea she knew and I have to find a way to keep my frame strong. She seems to accept my answer and moves on.

Pierce: What’s your record orgasm in one night?
Her: 7-I thought I was going to die
Pierce: I’m not going to talk about individuals and names. I wouldn’t do that to you and I’m not doing that to anyone else.
Pierce: Wow that’s pretty good
Her: Thanks, so are you a touch my balls guy or leave them the fuck alone
Pierce: You can do as you wish with my nuts
Her: Ass?
Pierce: I’ll slip my wet cock in your ass, for sure.
Her: I meant you.
Pierce: No I don’t stick anything in there but toilet paper to wipe my ass and soap to wash it.
Pierce: You enjoy anal?
Her: Gotcha
Her: I have. Not interested the first time though. We’ll see about the future.

* The fact that she brought up anal tells me that I am in for a ride; I may have a huge closet freak in my hands.

Pierce: Ok
Pierce: Sounds like your submissive.
Pierce: Your not into jack hammering, I’m assuming you don’t like smacked in the ass, hair pulled, screaming, spit on or choked either eh?
Her: Sometimes. Is that going to mesh well, given you are the same? You never mentioned what you’re favorite position was.
Her: Not typically, no
Pierce: I like to change it up often but I like cowgirl, doggie and rough missionary.
Her: hmmm
Pierce: I want you standing up, touching your toes. I love your sexy long legs.
Her: I will please you as long as you return the favor S.T.D.S?
Pierce: Condom always
Her: Good. It doesn’t seem like we are hugely compatible, but there’s only one way to find out.
Her: Talk vs. Action
Pierce: You got me wanting some pussy right now.
Her: Ditto. So I hope you’re not as big as your thump suggests.
Pierce: What does it suggest? I hope you’re not as deep as your eye sockets suggest.
Pierce: I’d let you pull it out and feel it get hard if you were with me now.
Her: Lol no I don’t think I am, how big did you say?
Pierce: I never said
Her: OMG I am dripping. And you sir are a slut.
Pierce: Don’t waste it baby. Let me taste your honey.
Her: Don’t worry there’s plenty.
Pierce: Come to me
Pierce: Get in my arms where you belong
Her: You’re killing me! I wish to god I could right this second.
Pierce: I’d open your ass cheeks nice and wide and let you guide my cock between your lips.
Her: I am going to go masturbate now, way too hot to work

I sent her a few courtesy text to help her get off, a basic escalation to orgasm.
To my surprise she later sent me a text with a recording of her orgasm on audio.
I was shocked and I plan on rewarding her greatly for her efforts.

"A good investment, Pierce knows his stuff. He went above and beyond what I expected"

- Michael

"Pierce noticed my sticking points immediately and offered practical solutions to fix them. He possesses a unique blend of patience, honesty, and positive encouragement that got me out of my comfort zone and achieving results. What separates Pierce from the rest of the coaches is that he takes a personal pride in my success and doesn't view me as a dollar sign. This is evident in the extra time he has spent with me in person as well as through e-mail and texts when the sessions are over."

- Luke

"This is the only bootcamp I've taken where I had two instructors focused on JUST ME."

- Adam Q.

"Pierce is great! Although I must say the biggest benefit I got out of the weekend bootcamp was the in set coaching from the smoking hot female instructor. It was great to have a HB10 open sets with me, and then tell me from HER perspective what was and what wasn't attractive about my game."

- Blake

"Best money I ever spent on self improvement. Pierce was able to quickly find weak points I didn't know I had, and then pushed me all weekend to overcome them. "

- Francisco

"This one is at a really high level"

- Adam Lyons - Rated Worlds Best PUA

"Becoming a PUA is not just about picking up women. It is about striving to become the best person that
you can become and applying those techniques to your everyday life. Through Pierce's techniques, my
confidence is at an all time high, my work ethic has improved, and I have the girlfriend that I have always
wanted. By taking this course, not only will you be able to pick up more women, but I truly think it will
enhance all areas of your life."

- Vegas

"By the end of the night I felt comfortable enough to do anything. I would have swim naked in the ocean or whatever else he wanted to do"

- L. Jones