Body Language Basics

Try this tactic the next time you notice a girl who you definitely know will give you the creep look. As soon as she starts her little act give her the biggest, happiest smile you can create. What you will find is that it brings back instinctual feelings that immediately disarm her. She will turn her creep look into a light grin. Where you take it from this point is your decision. Studies have shown that a guy, who smiles, is much more attractive than a guy who does not.

Eye Contact
This is important and often a deal breaker among men. Stare gazing into her eyes and you may intimidate or creep her out. Don’t give enough eye contact and you show low confidence and she will drop you like a bag of rocks. Here is my way of having just enough eye contact. Mimic her eye contact with just a smidge more than what she is doing. This will create a desire for her to find secret moments for her to gaze at you and give her the time to determine if she wants to continue talking with you. This takes some practice, after awhile it will be natural to you.

This is crucial, never lean into or hunch over to hear your target. Keep an erect posture, this shows alpha male characteristics. It keeps the game in your court and lets others know that you are the prize and that she needs to come to listen to you. Good posture is also a sign of good health, every women wants someone who appears strong and in good health. Be relaxed, attempt to look comfortable.

Gesticulate With Open Palms
Compliments of Tiffany Taylor
Everyone uses subconscious clues that tell them whether someone is trying to get over on them. One way of disarming your target is to talk with your hands facing the ceiling instead of the normal way of palms faced down. It gives off the impression that you are truthful and someone to trust, as if you had nothing to hide.

Indicators Of Interest -The Girls Body Language

It is going to be really important the more you go out to learn a girls body language. Girls will often tell you what they are feeling and what they want by the way they use their body. If you receive any of these indicators such as touching of the hair. Laughing at your jokes, or leaning into you while your talking, you have a great chance of closing with a kiss.

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