Confidence is a learned behavior from repeated exposure to an event or situation. Confidence is feeling or showing oneself self-assured. In order to raise your confidence you must learn to build your self esteem. When in social situations being indifferent in your body language goes hand and hand in expressing confidence. To determine your personal best body position, close your eyes and  think back to the most comfortable moments in your life. Moments when you have achieved or felt completely in-synch with life. These are the moments you want to re-create in social situations, attempt to be relaxed and breath deeply. in every social situation ground yourself in moments when you were completely relaxed with the world as your stage.

Typicality, in social situations we want to come across as being courteous and gratuitous of everyone around you. I want you to challenge these thoughts for a moment. Imagine if you had all the money you could ever spend and you decided to stop in quickly for a drink at a local social environment. You would walk a little taller, hold your head a bit higher, a certain swag to your walk, being direct and knowing exactly where you were going and what you wanted. We wouldn’t be dipping in between people, moving out of the way, walking around the club with no intention, staring at girls, looking for permission  A good way of looking at things is to ask yourself as you are in these environments whether you are expressing confidence or looking for acceptance  Those seeking acceptance are  quickly ruining their opportunities and social status in the club. Its like a sliding scale either you are being confident or you aren’t  There is no middle ground. Confidence is never turned off! To display good body language, don’t be polite, don’t duck and dive or move out of  her way!

Some quick bullet points to think about:

* Visualize yourself as a confidant man

*Don’t be in peoples faces, keep people at a distance until she has gained some trust with you.

*Try to position yourself so that others are appearing to get your attention opposed to you try to get theirs.

*Confidence is like driving a car, the first time you drove you had no confidence, now you do! Same with social situations.

*Make people earn your trust and acceptance, don’t easily agree with everything and maybe be a bit fussy in the the beginning. Then let them gain your acceptance.


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